There is Four different clans you can join, one is CreekClan a place where only the soft noise of the creek is. The leader will be chosen on the FourOaks Page.CreekClans clearing is behind one of the big waterfalls in their camp. Then there is four dens in it, Warrior's Den,Apprentice's Den, Elder's Den and nursery. All the dens look the same a rock cave with moss for the flooring. The hunting grounds of CreekClan is , well the creek! Where bass,salmon,tuna and perch are. The clan rarely hunts other creatures than fish. Because their diet is fish!

Another one is IceClan a mountain clan that is covered in ice the dens are caves in the dirt of the mountain. Again the leader will be chosen on FourOaks Page!The clearing is a flat part of the mountain with a big rock standing as high rock. The hunting grounds is off the mountain. Voles,Badgers,Rabbits and Bird is found there.

The last real clan is LightningClan. The clearing is a large meadow and in the middle of the clearing is a lighting-struck tree with a hole in it , making it the leaders tree. There's a boulder near the tree as high rock. The leader will be chosen at the four oaks page. The dens are fox-dug tunnels in the ground. The cats go on hunting parties to hunt deer. But there are more to that. There is dangers beyond the clearing, death-berrie bushes, some kits over the moons have died eating them so that's why the kits can't go outside no more, until they become apprentices. There are also birds,bunnies,voles and badgers in the hunting grounds other than deer

This clan is a rogue clan. It's name is FireClan. They have a camp but they only go there so often. They all move around a lot so They can hunt and get more good food in them. As all of the clans The leader will be chosen on four oaks page.Their camp is a rogue ally in the two-leg city.The place almost looks like Bloodclan's turf cause it looks just like it. The high rock is a two-leg dumpster and the dens are underneath wood. They mostly eat voles.

WillowPlace is a place where all cats enjoy hunting Fish and more. WillowPlace is a free-for-all hunting grounds. The place has blood stains marking that WillowPlace is also a battlefield.

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